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Want to grow your own salad bar? Love big blooms and bright color? Need some encouragement before putting in some bulbs? We’ve got you covered.

MFSLogo-verysmallThe Maine Flower Show will be held Thursday, March 30, 2017, 10:00 AM until Sunday, April 2, 2017 5:00 PM at Thompson’s Point, Portland, Maine.

Daily Seminars will allow you to dig into design, get your hands dirty, learn about sustainable practices, methods and materials, and discover new ways to transform your own space into an oasis bursting with life and color. Gardening enthusiasts wait for this opportunity all year long, and our seminars kick off just in time to initiate the growing season.
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Downspout gardens, edible gardens, pollinator gardens, children’s gardens, raised beds, small space growing…Start your planting project!

Tom Estabrook describes the “Mighty Mato”


A Rain Garden at Your Downspout

lobelia_cardinalisThe water runoff from your roof’s downspout creates an opportunity to plant some of the beautiful natives that are adapted to the fluctuating levels of moisture at a drainpipe. Learn more…
Courtesy of The Wild Seed Project.



Grow Your Own Salad Bar!
Grow Your Own Salad BarReady for some Bibb Lettuce? Craving Romaine? Get salad savvy! Enliven your garden and your table by planting a salad bar in your own backyard.


Tomatoes that split when they ripen, eliminating cedar rust, when to mulch, getting rid of Bishop’s weed…don’t worry if you’ve got questions about gardening in Maine.

We’ve got answers.

Inspiration Tips

Capture ideas for planting by snapping photos of favorite neighborhood garden spots, pretty container gardens in your town, or items at local garden centers.

Don’t Forget the Almanac!

Get Garden Planning and Design information from The Old Farmer’s Almanac.



Most Inspiring Plant Ever… “Last year, a neighbor gave me some Echinacea, which I planted in my backyard. I was stunned to see the unique butterflies their flowers attracted. Each day during their bloom, I go outside and admire the colorful, active world outside my door.” #myfavoriteplant
Michelle Lewis
West Bath, Maine